Cosmetics (engl.)

„Cosmetics“ is my profession.
However, in the perception of most people I probably deal with cosmetics in a rather remote way.

I care for raw materials used in cosmetic products. You know: all those nice things mentioned in the INCI section on the back of the package. Very small letters and often enough difficult to read.
Those semi-chemical names refer to the ingredients needed/used to prepare the cosmetic product.

Things like Lauryl Glucoside or Cetearyl Alcohol or Polyquaternium-6 are actually sold by an industry to allow cosmetic chemists building your favoured (or unfavoured) cosmetic product: shampoo, shower gel, soap, styling aid – you name it.

At the end it is quite similar to baking: for your special cake you need eggs, chocolate, butter, sugar…
Somebody needs emulsifiers, surfactants, emollients, waxes and polymers to compose a thightening face cream (or whatever).

As I started working in the area of such fast-moving consumer goods in 1982 I consider all this as a relevant part of my life.

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